Programs & Activities


  1. Providing a place for worship (ibadah) and a religious service centre for the Islamic ummah in SA

The currently available masjids (mosques) and Islamic services have not been able to adequately cover the needs of the Muslim community, making the existence of this Islamic Centre a necessity. Therefore, the Adelaide Islamic Centre will feature a masjid, which will accommodate congregated worship activities such as the five daily obligatory prayers (salat fard), Friday prayer (salat Jumaah), Tarawih prayer and other forms of ibadah, and an Islamic service centre managed by MIIAS Inc.

  1. Providing various services for the Islamic ummah in SA

Islam is a thorough and comprehensive religion that maintains every aspect of human life according to its nature (fitrah). Accordingly, services for the ummah offered by the Islamic Centre should cover all aspects of life within the frame of ibadah to Allah Subhanahu wa Taala and muamalah (interaction with people as regulated by Islamic law). These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ibadah services

In addition to a masjid, as mentioned beforehand, the Islamic Centre will also facilitate various ibadah activities, such as Eid prayer, zakat and sadaqah (charity), marriage, procession for the deceased (janazah), etc.

Educational services

The tradition of seeking and sharing religious knowledge was one pillar that had once sustained the glory of Islamic civilisation. To continue this tradition, the Islamic Centre will offer Islamic educational services for the Muslim community residing in SA from all age levels (children, teenagers and adults). These services would be provided in the following forms:

  • Quran education for children (Taman Pendidikan Al-Quran or TPA)
  • Youth Forum for Islamic Studies (YoFIS) for teenagers
  • Adelaide Recite (Adelaide Mengaji) for adults
  • Regular and incidental Islamic study groups (pengajian)
  • General studies and discussions on Islam

Religious social and community services

Islam teaches that ukhuwah Islamiyah is the foundation of muamalah. There are so many examples from Rasulullah Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi wasallam that instruct us to perform good deeds to other people. Following his examples as a good role model (uswatun hasanah), the Islamic Centre will also function as a social support centre led by MIIAS’s charity foundation (LAZ MIIAS).

Public economy services

Islam does not overlook the economic side of the ummah. There are many ayah (verses) in the Quran that oversee issues on public economy, which is why the empowerment of the ummah’s economy and the provision of their economic needs are some of the main concerns of the Islamic Centre. Apart from empowerment programs managed by LAZ MIIAS, the Islamic Centre will also cater for basic needs such as halal food and Muslim clothing via the Islamic Centre Store.

Sports and playground services

As Allah Subhanahu wa Taala favours healthy and strong Muslims, the physical aspect of a Muslim also needs to be developed. Therefore, the Islamic Centre will provide sports facilities such as a badminton and tennis court, table tennis equipment, etc. to encourage the Islamic ummah to keep fit and healthy. The Centre will also provide a playground for the physical activities of Muslim children.

An Islamic dawah centre in SA with a library and an Islamic information centre

This Islamic Centre will also function as a service centre for Islamic dawah in SA. For that purpose, the Islamic Centre will be supported by a library and an Islamic information centre, which is expected to provide information on Islam relevant to the Australian context.

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